Enthusiastic about guiding and informing consumers through media, talks and social media, Sonia Mountford believes in growing an informed consumer voice who seeks traceable transparency to encourage meaningful change in our food system. She helped develop the groundbreaking Eat Out Sustainable Restaurant Award and is a judge for this award, which is now in its third year.

Having worked with emerging and small-scale farmers, she understands the concerns and constraints of lack of support and access to market. She is a strong promoter of Agroecology for a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable food system that enables nutritional food security for all.

She is highly critical of inauthentic solutions to our broken food system as is keenly aware of the ripple effect this has on the time spent on meaningful change for human health, livelihoods of farmers, environmental health, livestock conditions, food justice and social justice.

Sonia also consults with farmers, producers and retailers, beginning to assist them with Traceable Transparency to help them achieve and get their authentic sustainable claims noticed by consumers.

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Twitter Feed: @EATegrity_Soniap>

Website: www.eategrity.co.za

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